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Girls’ Night (Girls' Trilogy Book 2)

Girls' Night by Jason Letts

I still don’t understand how a fun weekend trip could go this far sideways, but I vow to find out what’s happening by any means necessary, even if I have to impersonate someone else at work to do it.

My suspicions that I’m caught in the middle of something big are quickly validated in the form of a ten-thousand-dollar bonus check. And then there’s the charming new guy at work, Miles, who I have to assume is another fraud, but he may be useful, and not just for eye candy.

Somehow I have to find out what’s going on and why these things are happening to me. It’s exhausting having to constantly work to keep myself alive. Good thing the girls are going out for drinks after work. Maybe a few shots will loosen some tongues and get me some answers.

And don’t miss Earthless, the exciting introduction to the action-packed Survivors series!

Earthless by Jason Letts

In 2166, Earth was destroyed. It wasn’t an alien spacefleet firing from above. It was a bomb planted in the center of the planet before humanity even existed. In an instant, the human population dropped from 11 billion to 1,066.

I’m Loris Roderick, set to take command of the Magellan space station. I didn’t know I was to become the de facto leader of our species when its survival hung by a thread.

We should run, hide in some corner of the galaxy to eke out what existence we can. But I’d rather we get our revenge.

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